Car Insurance Without Drivers License

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You could think of buying auto insurance for unlicensed drivers if you are a learner driver trying to get valid license. Besides, there could be some other reasons for which you may need to purchase an unlicensed driver’s car insurance policy. Regardless of whether you are licensed or not, we may help you to secure a solution which is easy to manage as well as sustain. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online now!

You might wonder, “Can I get car insurance without a driver's license?” But can assist you in getting vehicle insurance coverage even if you don’t have valid driver’s license. We have a massive nationwide network of standard and non-standard insurers that have solutions for all types of driver categories. As a result, you have a real chance of getting your car insured for adequate coverage levels at premiums which are well within your budget.

Car Insurance Without Drivers License

Determine Your Reasons For Buying Car Insurance Without Drivers License

There could be multiple situations which may prompt you to buy auto insurance no drivers’ license coverage. Here is a list of some of those peculiar circumstances wherein purchasing an unlicensed driver’s car insurance policy might prove to be necessary.

  • You have underage driver - Majority of the states don’t permit drivers below 18 to drive cars and so, if you have teen driver in your household who drives car occasionally but doesn’t have valid driver’s license, you can consider buying an unlicensed driver’s car insurance cover. Although the premium charged will be substantially high, you can inquire about various student’s auto insurance discounts. A discounted package may enable you to save some precious dollars on premium.
  • You need a personal driver - You may think of purchasing auto insurance without driver’s license if you are a senior or elderly person who owns a luxury car like Rolls Royce or Bentleys but needs a personal chauffeur to take you to different destinations for whatsoever purposes. Aging leads to poor reflexes and in such a situation, driving vehicle can become cause of worries on road. As a primary driver, you will be risky proposition to insurers.
  • You want to get valid license - The Department of Motor Vehicles in each state offers provisional licenses to resident learner drivers. Nevertheless, to get valid driver’s license, learners still need to have valid insurance as that is a mandatory requirement under U.S. law. Therefore, whatever may be the type of vehicle, which you will drive, you may have to buy unlicensed driver’s auto insurance for driving it legally on road regardless of whether you are teen or adult.
  • You own a vintage automobile -Getting car insurance without a license could be vital if you are owner of a vintage car even if you don’t drive it too often. Even if you might not be needed to buy coverage for personal injury or expensive collision or comprehensive coverage features, you may have to secure protection for partial or full loss caused due to emergencies forced by unforeseen situations. Such policies are made available by speciality insurers.
  • You are having health problems -In case you are unable to drive a car, which you own, because of soem physical impairment you can purchase a auto insurance policy of this type. You may require a licensed driver to drive your car and this will include personal driver or drivers within your family. The names of such drivers can be added on the policy and accordingly, insurers will charge premium after assessing overall risks of granting coverage.

Learn How To Get Car Insurance Without A License Online And Save Money

Buying car insurance for non licensed drivers could be easier after you have determined your exact reason. Most of the buyers think of purchasing unlicensed driver’s auto insurance policies for one of the following reasons.

  • Elderly or disabled persons need to engage services of personal drivers to drive their cars who must be insured as per traffic rules and regulations.
  • Drivers, whose driver licenses are under suspension on account of DUI/DWI convictions, may need short term or temporary car coverage in the form of car insurance for unlicensed driver policy.
  • Drivers, who are under judgement order from court to get valid driver’s license as they have been caught driving car without license, could be another category of individuals who might need to buy unlicensed driver’s car insurance.

Insurers will use your past driving record for assessing risks involved in granting car coverage. To that effect, if your being an unlicensed driver makes you a highly risky proposition to insure. Besides, it is challenging to find a company that offers car insurance no drivers license required cover although few insurers may allow buyers to name a primary or principal driver in the application form. This refers to the person who will be actually driving the car despite your owning it. Depending on the type of insurance provider you are working with, you can be an excluded driver on the policy.

Now if you are still thinking whether you can really get car insurance with no drivers license, it could be desirable to speak to an expert!

Looking To Buy Car Insurance With No License? Here Are Things To Consider

  • Unlicensed driver’s auto insurance coverage : For driving car legally on road, driver must at least have minimum liability coverage as is stipulated by his state’s driving insurance rules & regulations.
  • Essential or necessary car insurance coverage :Some auto loan lenders may make it mandatory for borrowers to get their cars insured prior to providing finance.
  • Consequences of driving car without a license :Driving a vehicle on road without valid driver’s license could be termed as a serious violation of law and can attract huge penalties.
  • Higher premium for suspended driver license :Drivers with driver license under suspension for whatever reason will be charged substantially high premium as compared to normal drivers due to increased risks.
  • What if you are having learner driver’s license? :A learner driver’s license is a provisional permit issued for the purpose of getting valid driver’s license. Hence, you must buy insurance.
Can You Get Car Insurance Without A Driver's License? Find Out Online Now

Some auto insurance companies allow unlicensed drivers to get their car insured by having someone else’s name as a primary driver. You can consider this option if you are currently driving car without having any license. You can be an excluded driver in the policy and have someone from household as principal driver. The primary driver doesn’t have to sign the policy document or pay premium in such a situation. Just make sure that your name is on the policy as a secondary or excluded driver for driving your vehicle.

It could be possible to save lot of money on premium while getting your car insured if you are an excluded driver on your auto insurance coverage. In addition, you don’t even have to have license for buying such type of car cover but such a proposal might not guarantee financial protection if the car that you are driving meets with an accident or collision. A better idea is to apply for a driver’s license. Shop and compare numerous free quotes to get the best solution at a sustainable premium.

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