Subaru Car Insurance Guide with Cost Comparisons

How Much Subaru WRX Cars Insurance Costs?

According to certain estimations, the average insurance cost for cars on a national scale rests between $1400 to $1500 where the median of people of all ages combined pays the aforementioned sum on average. The Subaru cars, comparatively demand higher annual insurance rates that easily surpass the national average by several hundred dollars.

The annual Subaru Outback insurance cost is the least high over the average at a mere $200-$300 more whereas the Subaru Impreza demands a hefty $1,200 more in a similar scenario. Such a trend is also evident in the annual insurance cost-to-base car price ratio between both these cars. While the average of 4% is retained at the national level, these cars depict 6.5% and 14.8% ratios respectively which makes them considerably costly to insure.

The monthly auto insurance premiums for Subaru cars should be easily expected over $140 with all the Subaru cars nearing the $150 mark except for the Subaru Impreza insurance costing approximately $227 per month. At the same time, it is also important to note that your driving history, annual mileage, and other factors can also affect these prices.

Subaru Car Insurance for WRX, BRZ, Impreza, Forester & Outback

Comparing Subaru WRX, Outback & BRZ Cars Insurance Quotes

Looking for the type of auto insurance that works in your favor can be difficult when you don't know what to look for and what to avoid. To also correctly know the annual expenses you'll bear for owning your car, you'll have to factor in the cost of monthly car insurance premiums along with your monthly car maintenance charges. Doing so will further help you learn the type of coverage you may or may not require while purchasing car insurance as it is mandatory in all states.

Save maximum on your car insurance premiums while also gaining maximum benefits by comparing these aspects:

  • Price - Always use the same details for gathering quotes to then compare similar policies across different providers to check which offers can serve you the best price to reward ratio.
  • Deductibles - Decide early whether you want higher or lower deductibles as they can offer you lower-cost premiums and higher ones respectively. Getting the correct deductibles can ease you from the stress of managing your monthly expenses till the eleventh hour.
  • Minimum Coverage - Check with your car insurance provider about the minimum coverage they offer to then decide if getting additional coverage is necessary or not. Your minimum coverage should meet the state mandatory laws.
  • Additional Coverage - Often the additional coverage is bundled with discounts which can help you save more and gain more. Make sure to select relevant ones to get the best quotes.
  • Warranty - Look for the warranties that are covered in your car insurance premium and check if they can facilitate the absence of choosing additional coverage. For example, the Subaru WRX insurance cost premiums could come with a warranty that helps with coverage towards repairs.
  • Restrictions - Learn which scenarios can be covered under insurance out of all the ones that are simply unacceptable. Also, check for the conditions that can terminate coverage and so on.
  • Discounts - There are chances where your insurance provider may offer you several types of discounts that can significantly reduce the overall cost of the annually paid premiums. Seek ‘em, get ‘em.
  • Extras - Check whether you could get any extra features with your car insurance policy that can help you save in the future or assist you in the duration of your car insurance policies.

Subaru Cars Insurance Cost Determining Factors

At the time of deciding the Subaru Forester insurance cost or of another vehicle made by Subaru, certain factors that play a key role in adding up the cost for different vehicles are also applicable here all the same. These factors depend on several variables apart from driving record, cost of repairs, etc that as a whole determine the cost you’ll pay. Here’s how the car you pick makes a difference when you want to get Subaru Legacy car insurance or typical auto insurance.

  • Body - A sedan that is better equipped to handle daily commute while being a low-risk vehicle serves to reduce the insurance premium cost.
  • Car Type - The engine of a car when tuned to offer sport performance could raise the cost of insurance by a margin as it can induce risky driving behavior.
  • Car Variant - Any additional package that functions to improve the power delivery of the vehicle will drive the premiums high whereas getting packages that improve safety will diminish the cost using discounts.
  • Safety Ratings - A car that receives a greater crash rating has direct chances of becoming eligible to qualify for lower-cost insurance premiums.
  • Fuel Consumption - Vehicles running on traditional fossil fuel-based engines are cheaper to insure than insuring hybrid vehicles and diesel vehicles.
  • Repairs - A car with high repairs cost, even for the smallest parts will hit the roof in terms of the cost of insurance that you must dole out monthly to keep the car in the best possible condition.
  • Theft - If the vehicle you possess is also among the ones that get stolen too often then chances are that you’ll have to pay higher premiums to continue having insurance.

Tips to Save Money on Subaru Cars Insurance

If you do not want to get Subaru BRZ insurance cost affordable premiums for your teenage child or adult, you can use the below-mentioned ways to save on insurance premiums for Subaru Cars:

  • Use GPA record or Grades to obtain Student Discounts
  • Get an insurance provider that does not change the cost of premiums by too much of a margin too often.
  • Ensure your Teen Driver is taught to drive responsibly, accompany them, and supervise them whenever possible.
  • Ask for Students away from Home discounts if applicable.
  • Move away from an urban location to get cheaper Subaru BRZ insurance rates.
Average Subaru Cars Insurance Cost for Young Drivers

If you’re an inexperienced driver who is equivalent to having the driving skills of a young learner then you need to know that you will be charged more towards your car insurance. This cost will decrease with gaining more driving experience as you age which is why people between the age of 30-50 years pay significantly less premium.

A 2019 model Subaru BRZ insurance for 18 year old can cost over $500 per month in premiums which is twice what an adult instead pays at approximately $230 per month. It is so because underage teenagers are at greater risk for being involved in accidents which can lead to filing for repair claims.

Similarly, the 2020 model of Subaru Impreza insurance 17 year old can cost $200 per month which is only approximately $120 for an adult owner. Again, an identical scenario can be observed for seeking Subaru WRX insurance for 16 year old and so on. Conclusively, the average cost of Subaru Cars insurance for Teens remains to be between $250-$300 which declines to $150-$250 for adults.

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